Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Weekend

We spent most of our weekend with those that live around us.  Friday evening we had some of the neighbor kids over to hang out.  We had not seen them since before our last trip into Guatemala City and we missed them.  We spent some time visiting at their house and then they came over to our house. 

We had a quiet Saturday morning and then visited in the house across the street with the neighbors there.  They have a house full of teenagers and we have been wanting to get to know them.  They saw Cruz and I outside walking around and invited us over.  We ended up eating a late lunch with the family.  They served us caldo (soup) with beef, carrots, quisquil, and potatoes.  We also had tortilla's and some really good lemonade.  They had fun playing with Cruz while we tried to learn all of their names and learn a little about them.  They are a sweet family.

Late Saturday afternoon the neighbor kids came back over.  We taught them how to play Ms Pac Man.  They also enjoyed playing pole position.  I posted the photo below on our facebook but wanted to also post it on our blog.  It was the only photo I took of our visits over the weekend.
Sunday morning we attended church in the village of Jordan.  I'll post about that tomorrow.  When we returned home in the late afternoon I decided to bake some cookies.  The neighbors had sent us home with a plate of food and I needed to return their plate.  I decided to fill it with some of the cookies I had just baked.  When Cruz and I took it to them they invited us inside.  We ended  up staying and visiting for a while.  It has been soo nice getting to know some of the locals.  We have felt very welcomed here and almost like part of their families.  We didn't know what to expect before moving here, but surely didn't expect the people to be so nice and friendly.  I had initially fretted about not having a gate and privacy,  but the lack of those things has allowed us to get to know some really great people.  If we had those things we would most likely hide ourselves behind them and miss out on relationships like those we are trying to form now. 

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