Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mission Prayer Retreat

This weekend we attended a Prayer Retreat in Guatemala City with our IMB mission family.   This is always a great time of hearing about what is going on in everyone's life and work and a time to pray for each other and the struggles we face. 
We took this group photo on Sunday afternoon and not everyone was present.

We spent a lot of time in praise and worship, in English :-) 
  We spent a lot of time eating 
  Each family had a time to share about their lives and ministry- the highs and lows. 
Afterwards we would all circle around that couple and take turns lifting them up in prayer. 
Lots of hugs were shared 
The adults also had several Bible study sessions, and a session on marriage.  The MK's met separately and enjoyed Bible study and games together.
This was our team of four who came down from Irvine, CA to lead us.  They did a wonderful job!

It is encouraging to share with others who know and understand our struggles.  It is good to laugh and cry together and know you are not alone.  We are so very thankful for our mission family and the love and support that they show each other!

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