Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where We Buy Our Fruits and Veggies

Although most of our groceries are bought here-
at the Maxi  Bodega in Santa Elena, we do purchase a lot of our fruits and vegetables at the local fruit stands here in Sayaxche.  The quality seems to be a little better at the grocery store but it is very convenient to have these stands all over town to pick up things as we run out.  We eat a lot of fruit in our home.  We also like to make fruit smoothies.  So we make a lot of trips to the market each week.  Here are a few photos from two stands we frequent the most.
They always love on the baby while we shop.

These next few are from a different fruit stand- 
There are many all over town just like these.  They all seem to sell the same things and the prices seem to be the same. 

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