Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

There is not much to our tree this year.  We are using the small 4' tree we had in our Coban apartment because that was all we had room for there.  Now we have a large room to have a larger tree but didn't want to buy one this year because of all the other things we are doing at this time for the house.  Next year we plan to purchase are larger tree for the living room and put this small tree in Cruz's room.  I have lots of great ideas for his tree next year. 
He has not been that interested in it.  I thought he would like the lights more but he really doesn't seem to notice them much. 

I took these photos the first night we had the tree up.  I am posting them in the order I took them to show you his reactions.
we first tried sitting him in the rocking chair beside the tree

that was a mistake, ha

we moved on to the bumbo seat and he liked that a little better

he quickly starting looking around and trying to see what he could get his hands on

he heard, "no Cruz, no Cruz..." a lot that night

as you can see, he didn't like the sound of that

I am obsessed with his feet! 

he soon started stretching, reaching and trying soo hard to touch something on the tree

he was very proud and looked at us like "look what I did".  Of course he had to taste it.

checking it out

and soon enough he was bored with that one and wanted something else

We then put him on the couch to take a few photos and he didn't mind a bit. 
he charmed it up as only he can do 
Don't know about you all but our Christmas so far has been Very Merry!  This little fellow makes it soo fun! 
Feliz Navidad!


  1. Aw, love all those pictures! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Yep, it's only beginning. Get used to saying "No, Cruz, No". Ha. RB


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