Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Toys for Cruz

Most of the square feet in our crate was filled with things for Cruz (imagine that, ha).  We have been slowly unpacking it all and seeing just what all he has.  We do have him a few things for Christmas, but he really needs nothing because we brought so much for him.  One of the things we unboxed and put together was a swing.  OHH how I wish we would have had it sooner!  I just know he would have loved playing in it when he was smaller.   He still enjoys it now, especially the music.  He loves anything musical (or noisy). 

Here's a short video of him the first time we put him in it.  He was unsure what to think of it, but has since figured it out.  He now pulls the fish and tries to tear the thing apart, ha.  He is rowdy these days!

We next tried out his jumping toy.  There is no place to hang it in our house so we put it outside. I think he prefers it outdoors anyway.  The place we have to hang it is too tall for his feet to reach the ground.  The first day we just pushed him in it like a swing. 

Here's a short video of him playing in it the first time-
The next time he was in it David had the idea of putting a box under his feet (we have plenty of those lying around).  It helped him be able to jump and he has since spent a lot of time outside playing in it.

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