Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mission Christmas Party 2010

Last Friday our Guatemala mission family gathered for our annual Christmas party.  It was held at the Hardeman's home in Guatemala City. 
Ron, Margie, Keith, and Penny

Rebecca, Karen, Meagan, and Julie

Caleb and Cruz

George giving us instructions on the meal

He said for us to all be gone by 3:00.  Ellis is making sure he means 3:00 a.m. right?  haha

fixing our plates 
we enjoyed a delicious potluck meal 

Casey, Bethani, Cameron, and Mark

David B. and Cruz

We ate outback 
some of the MK's

The Hardeman's pretty tree
baby Cruz

George and Cruz

The MK's drew names and exchanged gifts.  Cruz had Daniel's name (in the hat).  He received fireworks. 
Zach had Cruz's name and this was his gift.  He loves it!

After eating we played several games.  Here are a few random photos of everyone playing-
As you can see we had a lot of fun together.  It's always a blessing to be with our mission family. 


  1. Wow!! It sure looks like you all belong to a great community of missionaries. How fun!

  2. The guy with the antlers is the best lookin!!!!

  3. I'm jealous of Cruz's snail! I want one of those for Lane but they're only in Turkish here...and since we're not staying here, it makes no sense to get one in Turkish! And I can't believe Cruz is so big! Crazy that he's so much younger than Lane yet weighs more!


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