Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cruz's Six Month Check-up

Last Thursday Cruz had his six month check-up.  Here are a few photos I took of him before we left to go-
I love his sweet outfit 
This is the face we see a lot of these days.  He loves to suck on his bottom lip and it drives David crazy. 
We also see this face from time to time and it drives me crazy, ha. 
still sweet even when he's fussy
As usual it doesn't last long and he's back to his smiling self.  This is him as we arrived for his appointment.
He's so fun these days, but a handful at the same time. 

The nurse quickly arrived and began by weighing him
she have him this tongue depressor to play with while she did it
he weighs 21 lbs. and 4 ounces!

take that nurses at the hospital who gave my mommy a hard time about me learning to nurse (haha)
She measured him.  He is 28 inches long.

We met with Dr. Figueroa.  It was our first time to see him and we were pleased.  He was very impressed with Cruz and his development.   
Cruz is such a wiggle worm these days but he layed very still for the doctor and barely moved at all.  We could not believe how still he was being. 
He received a few vaccines on this visit. 
Same as always, he cries only until I pick him up.  You would think that him getting shots would get easier but it just seems to get harder for me the more he grows.  He just seemed to look at us like "why did you let her do that to me".   It was breaking my heart!   
He finished up the rotavirus oral vaccine this visit.  He kept it all down. 
He got a good report and that made us both very happy. 

Because he did so good at the doctor we treated him by taking him out to lunch at TGI Friday's.  haha  He had a good time playing with his toys while we enjoyed a great meal together.  I hope we'll always be able to make these doctors visits a family affair. 


  1. I love your updates and picture journals!

  2. oh what a big healthy boy! And it really is great that you can make his doctor visits a family affair :-)

  3. What an amazing gift from God!


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