Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Since we were up so late on Christmas Eve we slept in on Christmas morning.  We slept until Cruz was ready to get up anyway.  Many days after his early morning feedings (usually between 5-6 a.m.) I will just put him in the bed with us to play, snuggle, and go back to sleep.  We love those mornings together.  I was excited to put him in bed with us on Christmas morning and have those few moments together as a family. 
Cruz on Christmas morning

Another tradition I plan to start is with our Christmas meals.  I put a lot of thought into what we would eat and decided that we would always try to eat tamales on Christmas eve, do a Guatemalan breakfast on Christmas day, and an American lunch.  
This was our breakfast. 
We had scrambles eggs with cheese, black beans, fried platanos with cream,  toast, jelly and coffee.  We needed tortillas but didn't get them this year.  Cruz had applesauce and oatmeal cereal.  Next year he will be eating like us.  :-)

We then let him play with the few toys we bought him. 
We didn't wrap them this year because he's just to small to unwrap and understand, and also he would have just tried to eat the paper anyway.     

This was our table for Christmas lunch

my turkey when it came out of the oven

We ate turkey, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole (I made two of those and froze one).  I also made two pecan pies last week and we had birthday cake.  It was a yummy meal!  Cruz ate sweet potatoes and pears.

After lunch we sat by the tree and sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus",  David read the Christmas story, and we had a sweet time of prayer as a family.  We then enjoyed cake and coffee.  It was a special time that we plan to have every year together. 

We spent the rest of the day in the floor playing with our special gift, baby Cruz. 

We were able to call all of our family and talk with them and enjoyed hearing from all of them back home.  We terribly missed being with them for Cruz's first Christmas, but in spite of that we still had ourselves a merry little Christmas as a family of three.  We hope your Christmas celebration was special and sweet as well!



  2. Love the care that you took in planning for today and the future. Sweet plans for sweet memories for a lifetime! Love you guys!


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