Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Food For My Baby Boy

For the past two weeks in my spare time I have been busy making baby food for Cruz.  It has been a fun experience and I truly have enjoyed doing it!  I am using my babycook that I received recently and it makes it so easy to do.  I like cooking too so that helps. 
Here I am making applesauce

I went to the local market and puchased apples

Using one of my many Pampered Chef gadgets I have, I cored it into even pieces

I then peeled and diced them.  

I have always saved and frozen my apple peelings.  When I want a scent in the house I just boil a few of them on the stove and add either a cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon to it.  It gives off a nice smell.

Here are my apples after I steamed them

Next I puree them and put them into ice cube trays to freeze.  One ice cube size is a portion of food for Cruz.

I bought several carrots and zucchini and steamed them in my larger steamer.  I pureed them in my babycook machine.
carrot and zucchini baby food

Once they are frozen I pop them out into large ziplock bags and they will store in the freezer for up to 3 months.  I have also made him sweet potatoes and guisquil (a local vegetable).  

Every morning I decide what he will eat for dinner and I put one cube of each in these small plastic containers to thaw in the refrigerator all day.

Here is Cruz's food I have made so far.  I look forward to trying more foods out soon.   

It is time consuming and a lot of work, but look at that smile.  SOO worth it!  Of all the food he has tried so far I think carrots are his favorite.  He also prefers apples to bananas in his cereal.  He is eating very good and that makes this Mama very happy.

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  1. I loved making baby food when my guys were little!! Oh how I wish I would have had some of those gadgets to help me out :-)

    Bon Appetite Cruz!!


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