Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

At least that's what it feels like living here, ha.  Today I am posting some photos of the outside of our house.  We will not be doing anything to improve the looks of it.  We want it to stay just like it is.  Every other building on this property is painted peach with green trim so we don't want to spruce ours up and make it stand out.  We are all about blending in.
This is our outside bathroom area.  I was not kidding when I said we had two bathrooms- one inside and one out.  The black tank on top is a water cistern.  It is broken so we replaced it today and added a pump to give us some water pressure so hopefully we can take a shower- hot or cold.  We also began installing a water heater (widow maker) today to the shower.  The town has the water turned off so we have not been able to test and see if the cistern is working.  Hopefully it will be back on in the morning and we can fill our tank.  I'll post photos of those projects another day.
David cleaning our pila. 

bathroom view from our backdoor

Our pila

Inside of the bathroom.  There is a toilet (with no lid) and a shower.  Right after we first arrived David was in there and saw a tarantula.  yikes!!  I have since been able to go in there but not without a creepy feeling.   Something is wrong with our inside toilet and it will not flush correctly. Because of that, without going in to much detail, we are having to use both bathrooms- the inside for certain things and the outside for certain things, enough said, lol.  Hope to get that problem fixed soon too. 
our front door- looks really inviting huh  :-)

side yard and kitchen windows
You can see the design in the concrete.  It is open and allows air to flow through.  The only cover is the screen.  They don't seal off or close.

view from our front door towards the gravel road

side yard, our gate, and driveway

back yard 
All of the plants and trees offer a lot of shade.  We'll be thankful for that once the hot season really begins.  

back yard 
On a good note, the power has not been back off since Sunday. And, we think our crates might be delivered next week!!!


  1. we just started serving here in Belize... that water tank on the top of the building sure looks familiar. We see them all over here!

  2. Yep -- us too! We've been in Mexico long enough that it seems weird to see rows of houses without tinacos on top. lol

    I must say that I'm jealous of all your green-ness! Looks like you have banana trees, too! Ah, rain is a wonderful thing!

    Does your village struggle with water de la llave? (How would you say that...tap water.) I was thinking that you could catch a lot of water for washing and such from that nice, steep metal roof. Just a thought.


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