Monday, November 22, 2010

Service With A Smile

The property we live on takes up about 3/4 of a block.  It is owned and run by a very nice family.  Many of them live on the property and they also have several other rental places and a restaurant on the property.  We have eaten many meals there since we arrived.  We usually catch some of the family eating there as well and fellowship with them over our meals.  They LOVE Cruzito and take turns holding him and walking him around while we eat (that makes our meal times even better).  There are several other children that live here and we like that as well. 

One night last week we decided to walk over for supper.  We had been working all day and didn't want to get out and drive anywhere to get something to eat.  It has been real convenient having a restaurant so close!  The restaurant is open air.  When we walked in the grandmother immediately said, "it's too bad for the baby, he needs to be indoors".   What she meant was the mosquitos were bad that night.  We had not been outside enough to notice it.  She told us to go home and they would bring us our food.  What a sweet gesture!  We told them what we wanted and walked back home.  About ten minutes later we heard a knock at the door and the two young girls that work at the restaurant were standing there.  This is what they had in their hands-
Now this might not seem like much to you but it was very thoughtful to me.  First of all we ordered typical plates.  That comes with scrambled eggs, black beans, platanos, cheese, coffee, and tortillas.  We love this meal!  What I thought was so nice was the way they served it to us.  They brought it on a tray with their nice dishes, they had our silverware wrapped in a napkin, and even heated my milk and served it in the silver container shown above.  I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast.
They brought the coffee in this pitcher and our torillas wrapped in a basket. 
I just felt like they went the extra mile to make it nice for us.  They have been so kind and we are grateful to be living here with them.  I am sure they will grow to be like our extended family over the years.
We realized that this was our first meal in our house and it was a most enjoyable one!

On a side note, right after we arrived one of the elderly family members came by to talk with me and told me she was the only believer in the family. She said she felt like the Lord sent us here and she was happy we came. She asked us to pray for her family and hoped the Lord would use us to help change their hearts. Join us as we pray and seek to be a witness to them, our neighbors.

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  1. What a great story, Regina!! Smiled the whole way reading through- God is SO amazing!!


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