Monday, November 8, 2010

How We Spent The Weekend

Our weekend began by driving to Coban on Friday.  We needed to wash clothes, do a little shopping, and get another load of our things together to take back to Sayaxche.  We were excited all the way there to get to eat lunch here-
Now I understand that many of you would not drive 3.5 hours to eat at McDonald's much less be really excited about it, but we were.  It had been a long week!  We decided not to take Cruz's infant seat inside and just to hold him instead.  As we began to eat one of the workers came over with a highchair for him to sit in.  He had never sat in one before so I gladly told her "no thanks".  She insisted we use it so that we could eat.  I just kept thinking to myself, "highchairs are for big kids, not my baby". ha  I gave in and here is how he spent his time at McDonald's-
It made me very sad to see him sitting in it.  Is he really old and big enough to be in a high chair???  sniff sniff He loved it, and enjoyed looking around at everyone.  I had to take a photo of this "first" but later noticed that he still had on his p.j.'s. ha  He was still asleep when we loaded him. It was cold and rainy that day and I thought he would be warm and comfortable in them for the ride to Coban. 

We arrived, got all of our clothes done, and then met Ms. Fran and Gabrielle for dinner.  Ms. Fran just returned from a six week trip to the States so it was good to catch up with her and hear about her trip.  I forgot to get a photo of our visit.. 

Saturday morning we loaded the car and rushed back to Sayaxche hoping to get some work done that afternoon on the house.  We arrived to learn that there was no power.  It was the fifth day in a row for it to be off during the afternoon hours- soo frustrating!  We decided to visit the local grocery store to pick up a few staples like oatmeal, bread, ramen noodles, plastic spoons, etc.  Things you can eat with hot water.  Our meals are lacking these days.  haha

We stayed our first night in the house on Saturday.  It was very rustic and like camping.  We took cots and sheets to sleep on.  We are really hoping our crates will be delivered soon!  Still no word on when they are coming.  There is no hot water so bath time has not been too fun.  We've run water through the coffee pot to heat for Cruz to bath. 
Sunday morning we attended services at the local Baptist church.  It was good.  We ate lunch at the restaurant next to our house and then returned home to find the lights out again.  ugh!  We spent the afternoon by walking around the neighborhood and talking to a few neighbors.  When the power came back on we worked late into the night trying to get a lot done.

We mentioned in a recent post that we had a man come by to look at building us some shelves and cabinets.  He told us he would be back on Monday.  We expected him to show up on Tuesday or Wednesday, BUT he called at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning and said he was on his way.  Not only did he come on the day that he said he would, but he came early.  This is very rare in Guatemala.  He took measurements and said he'd be back in a few days.  YEAH!

As David was painting the bathroom ceiling this morning he slipped and landed on the bathroom sink.  It came off of the wall and broke into several pieces.  He was not hurt, luckily, but the sink sure was.  After I realized he was o.k. and quit giggling, I told him too bad he couldn't have fallen on the kitchen sink- it's the one I wanted to replace, LOL.  So we traveled to Santa Elena this afternoon to purchase a new sink.  We ended up staying the night at a cheap motel so we could get a hot shower, a hot meal, and a good nights rest.  We'll return home Tuesday morning to begin working again.  Not many dull moments around here.  These are some fun, memory filled days!

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