Friday, October 8, 2010

Pictures and a Picnic

Cruz is sleeping well.  I think all of the interaction is exhausting him, and helping him sleep.  I'm not complaining. We are all sleeping well. 

On Thursday morning we took him to have his picture made.  He did very well and smiled soo good!  I can't wait to see how they turn out.
We also had a family photo taken- look at that smile.

Afterwards we went to Sonic for lunch with David's mom and niece.  I LOVE Sonic!!!  The weather here has been perfect so we sat outside and ate.  It was like having a picnic.
me, David, Larsen, and Ms. Linda

This is what Cruz did while we ate.  Poor baby, all that smiling for his pictures wore him out.  ha

These glasses came in the kids meal.  Larsen and I had to try them out.

Cruz looked so funny in them.  I wondered what he thought about everything looking pink.

Tony visited with Cruz back at David's grandmother's house.

Cruz and Tony

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