Friday, October 22, 2010

Lake Chautauqua

After Sunday lunch several of us loaded up and made another trip to the lake.  We needed to walk off all that food we had just eaten, ha. 
me, Aunt Libby, Aunt Lisa, Larsen,
David, Kelly, Shane, Sawyer, Kevin, Kaylie, Robin, Ms. Linda, and Cruz

This time we remembered to take bread so we could feed the ducks.
I held on to Cruz's feet because I was afraid the ducks would bite them.
Let me also add that the weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day to spend outdoors.
Kaylie, Cruz, David, Larsen, and Sawyer

David, Larsen, Cruz, and Sawyer


We walked across the swinging bridge again

the lake is so pretty!

We decided to walk the Treetop Trails this time.  It was fun.
David and Robin

Cruz and Memaw

We even spent a little time on the playground
David and Kelly
David and I on the see saw

I pushed David and Cruz on the merry-go-round

A few family photos

What a fun afternoon we had!!  Cruz makes family times like these so much sweeter.  We are soo very thankful we got to spend a few days like these with our families.

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