Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Foto Friday (and a fun video too)

I took the photo below on the way to Cruz's check-up the other day.  It was raining, traffic was slow, and this guy decides to climb out of the bus onto the hood and clean the window.  Yes, they were going down the road as this was taking place! 
Bro. Miguel Chub, one of our K'ekchi' missionaries, came by recently to visit with us and he met Cruz for the first time.  We love Bro. Miguel and always enjoyed working with him.  He has a great heart for his people!  His wife was having some health issues so we went to her house to get her and took her to see a local doctor.  She is fine and is taking medication. 

These next few photos were taken during Sunday lunch at La Posada in Coban.

I mentioned in Cruz's four month update about him loosing his hair.  This is what it looks like these days.  He only has one strip across the back of his head left.
 We can't get enough of his sweet smile! 
and if that wasn't enough, watch the video below to see him in action.
Hope that starts your weekend off with a smile. 
Happy Friday!

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  1. Now the bus picture made me laugh out loud...but then I got down to the video and that made me giggle until I had tears flowing down my cheeks. Love that sweet laugh!


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