Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Full Day of Visits

Thursday was a full day for us!  We started with a visit from the Spangler's.  They drove over to meet Cruz and to let us meet their new son Nate.  He was born about a month after Cruz.  We used to attend church with Trey's family and he was a part of our youth group for a while.  He is now a pastor in Vancleave, MS.  We are very proud of him and were happy to catch up with them.
David, Cruz, me, Trey, Keisha, and Nate

Letting the boys check each other out.

We then headed south to Brookhaven.  We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Afterwards we went by the women's clinic that I used for my prenatal check-ups and visited with Dr. Mills.  We couldn't wait for him to meet Cruz!  Dr. Mills took such great care of me while we were in the States.  We also got to see his nurse.  It was a sweet visit!
Dr. Mills, Cruz, and I

We then made a trip by the local Wal-Mart.  I had a list of things I wanted to purchase to take back to Guatemala.  Walking up and down the aisles and looking at everything will be one of the highlights of my trip home.  That afternoon we visited with the Shepperd's.  We lived next door to them while in the States last winter.  David and Chris took seminary classes together.  They are a sweet family and we were glad to get to see them again.
Cruz, me, Maggie, Annie, and Christy

Cruz, Chris, and Maggie

Annie, Cruz, Maggie, and Chris

Maggie, Cruz, and Annie
While there my friend Misty called to say she was in Wesson.  She wanted to see us while in the area.  When I told her we were in Brookhaven she drove down to meet us.  We met at the local Krystal and had a good visit together.
Paige, Emily Grace, Misty, Cruz, and Paden
Her husband, Bro. Joseph, was our music minister at our home church.  He and David served on staff together.  One of the things we have missed about home was his singing.  He always blessed our hearts!  He recently became a pastor at a church in Leesburg, MS.  We are excited about how the Lord is working in their lives!
The gang

Paden, Emily Grace, Paige, and Cruz

That night for dinner we met David's dad and step-mom at Mitchell's.  In addition to a great meal, we had a nice time visiting with them.  They loved Cruz and enjoyed getting to love on him.
me, David, Jody, Cruz, and Mr. Harold

Mr. Harold and Cruz

Jody, Mr. Harold, and Cruz

saying goodbye to Paw Paw Harold

It was a full day but we enjoyed every minute of it!  It's been wonderful getting to see so many people and visit with them.  This has been a fabulous vacation!

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