Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Times

We spent all of Monday packing and saying goodbye to our families.  My mom, dad, grandparents, and aunt all came by our house to say goodbye.  We spent the afternoon and early evening at David's grandmother's house saying goodbye to them and eating dinner.  It was a long, sad day!  On all of our other trips home we have spent our last night in a hotel close to the airport.  We'd check in and then our friends Reagan and Malinda would come get us for dinner.  It was tradition to eat dinner at O'Charley's and then run through Starbucks for coffee.  This trip we sadly broke that tradition.  We felt we needed to stay and let family visit with us and mainly Cruz as much as they possibly could.  Maybe on our next trip home we'll start it back up.  Here are a few photos we took that afternoon.
 Cruz and Memaw

Larsen and Cruz

Memaw and Cruz

Aunt Robin and Cruz 
love this one!

Kaylie, Sawyer, and Cruz

Kaylie, Sawyer, Larsen, and Cruz

Kaylie, Sawyer, and Cruz


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