Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Early Thanksgiving

Sunday morning we attended church with my Mom at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Hazlehurst. 
the Pastor Bro. Jason and Cruz

my Mom and Cruz after church

For lunch we headed to Crystal Springs to David's grandmother's house.  All of his family had gathered there to eat and visit with us.  
Cruz with Nannie Roberts
Nannie Roberts, Cruz, and Aunt Libby

They took a lot of time to plan a menu for us.  They fixed a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all of our favorites to go with it.  It was very sweet and thoughtful of them.  I ate until I was almost sick!  ha 
We miss meals like this!!! 
Somehow they knew that I LOVE the carrot souffle from the Picadilly.  David's Mom drove all the way to Jackson just to buy me that casserole.  I almost cried when I found that out.  That was one of the sweetest things ever!  They said it was because she loved me.  They are just nice to us like that.

We then tried to get photos with all of the family members there 
Us with Nannie Roberts, Aunt Pat, Uncle Larry, and Don

Us with Aunt Terry, Tiffany, Nacho, and Brandon

Us with Kevin and Aunt Libby

Us with Maw Maw Farmer

Us with Uncle Roger, Aunt Lisa, and Shane (and Larsen)

Us with Memaw (David's Mom)

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  1. love all of these so good i better go to sleep was glad to visit with you can not wait til march but guess i will libby will like these pictures also hope she comes up here in the morning good nite


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