Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Sunday Smiles

Here are a few photos we took on Sunday morning- 
Cruz with Daddy

Cruz with Mama

After church the Miller's drove over to Antigua to meet us for lunch.  We ate at one of our favorites- La Pena De Sol.  We had a great meal together and a fun time visiting with them. 
David, Glynis, me, David, and Cruz

After our meal they came to our apartment for coffee and more fellowship.  They also, sadly, picked up their rocking chair they had loaned to us when Cruz was born.  We'll be moving later this week and needed to get it back to them.  I didn't cry, but I did tear up.  It was sad for me to let it go because it is sentimental to us.  It's also been sad not getting to rock Cruz to sleep these last few nights so I think that as soon as we get to Coban we are going to try to find a rocking chair to buy and use until we find a house to rent, get moved in, and receive our crates (we have a glider and ottoman in our crate).  I don't think Cruz misses it as much as we do, ha. 
David, Cruz, and Glynis
One of Cruz's favorite things is for his dad to make the howler monkey sound for him.  David will ask him "what does the howler monkey say..." and when he makes the noise Cruz will usually cackle out loud.  It is a funny sight!  We joke that most parents say "what does the dog/ cow/ duck/ etc. say..." and we teach the howler monkey.  haha  Yeah, our little boy is heading to the jungle and I think he's going to love it! 

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