Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Friends

Cruz is becoming fast friends with the kids at our mission house in Guatemala City.  When we first arrived in Guatemala Rebecca was 4 and Josue' was 6 months old.  We loved and played with them everytime we were at the mission house.  Sometimes before we would even unload our car we would go visit them.  Now, the tables have turned.  As soon as they realize we are there, they come running wanting to see Cruz and play with him.  They love him very much!
Rebecca (now 8), Caitlin (16 months), and Josue' (4)

Last week when we stayed there they got a lot of time to play together.  They always have a gift for him sometimes it's clothes and sometimes a toy. 

Here are a few photos of Cruz by himself- 

Cruz and Josue'
Josue' loves him most of all.  I am not sure if it's because he has another boy around or what.  He's the first to hug him and always gets sad when we leave.  He HAS to kiss him goodbye!  There have been a few times he has gone home and forgot and when he remembers he cries until his mama lets him come back to kiss Cruz.  He is soo sweet.

Cruz just laughs at them and enjoys the attention

I love this photo.  Right before I took it Josue' was looking at Cruz and smiling just the same.  He turned his head too soon.

He never lacks for attention

Caitlin loves to kiss him on the head,

and hold his hand.  I think she likes him,  ha.

Corina (the mission house caretaker) and Cruz

It makes us happy when others love on our baby!

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