Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adios Antigua!

Today we officially move from Antigua, Guatemala.  This will put us one step closer to our new home and work area in the Peten.  We will sadly be leaving our studio apartment in Antigua and moving back (temporarily) into our Coban apartment.  I say sadly because this place is sentimental to us because it's been Cruz's only home.  Now I understand that in our line of work he will most likely have many homes in his early life, but that doesn't make it easier to leave his "first".    
he doesn't look very sad about it, huh
I've been telling him for a few weeks now about the new house he will have (when we ever find one), about having his very own room, and all of his toys and things we shipped for him.  I know he has no idea what I'm saying but I like to tell him anyway.  Actually, I narrate everything to him. haha  He just laughs and goes along with it everyday.  I think I am more excited about getting settled than anyone.  I can't wait to fix up our bedroom, his nursery, my kitchen, and mostly just to have all of our "stuff" under one roof.  It will surely be a glory day! 
These photos were taken over the weekend of Cruz and his daddy playing in the car.  At times I feel like he thinks it's his second home.  My mom said recently that I sure named him right, Cruz, because he is always on the go and constantly "Cruzing" around.  lol    We are very glad that he is a good traveler!
Please pray for traveling mercies today as we'll be on the road a minimum of five hours.  We're sad to go, but very excited about what the future holds for our family as we continue to move and get settled in to where the Lord has called us to serve. 


  1. He is so beautiful! I know he is a boy, but he can still be beautiful at least until he hits his two year mark. People would say that about our boys and I was OK with it! Love seeing how he is growing. Momma's milk is working for him, he's grwoing like a weed :)
    Verna & Ted

  2. Hi Guys...what a sweet, happy baby! I told you that 'mature' eggs make great babies! I used to narrate to Bailey, too. I think that is why she has such a great vocabulary. But, caution, don't blink; the time goes by so fast. Bailey got her driving permit on her birthday Tuesday. Zandry is 10 and so kindhearted; most of the time I think SHE takes care of me, instead of vice versa. You'll be happy to know that Bailey and I are going on a medical mission trip to Haiti Sept 27-Oct 4. We certainly would like to be included in your prayers. May God continue to bless your family! Kellye )!(


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