Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Weekend Full of Friends

Our weekend began by having dinner with the Stamps.  They took us out to eat to celebrate our completion of language study.  We also spent some time discussing our immediate future plans and current job assignment.  We are currently trying to write some goals for the next few months and will meet with them again on Thursday night to work on them.  We are going to miss our get-togethers with them when we get moved up North.
Keith, Penny, Cruz, me, and David

We spent Saturday night in Guatemala City visiting with friends who were in town.  Allen and Laurelle have been our good friends since we first arrived in Guatemala back in 2006.  They were serving here then.  They have since returned to the States but make a few trips each year back to lead volunteer teams.  Last week they were here doing some scouting for two teams they will be leading in October.  We were able to visit with them in the City before they returned home.  We always enjoy our time together!
David, me, Cruz, Laurelle, and Allen

Cruz was not so sure about the new faces at first as you can tell from these photos.  He was wanting his Mama and Daddy close by!  He has just started doing that.
But, he soon warmed up to them and started liking all of the attention he received.
Louise and Cruz

For dinner we went out to eat at TGI Friday's.  We will never be able to go there and not think of the Stoudenmire's.  We have enjoyed many meals there together.
me and Allen

Louise and Douglas
They were here scouting with Allen and Laurelle. 

Laurelle and David

Laurelle and I

our group

They brought Cruz a couple of outfits and a few toys.
He loves this teething ring!

For Sunday lunch we ate at Nais. 

our family at lunch

afterwards we made a stop by the coffee shop for coffee and fruit smoothies

Louise enjoying her coffee

I love the smile on Cruz's face in this photo

getting in some final loving on Cruz

Laurelle and Allen

We returned home to Antigua later that afternoon.  It was a busy weekend but an enjoyable one.  We are looking forward to their return in October and hoping to squeeze in another visit.  Cruz was wore out!  He was in bed before 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night and slept until 6:30 a.m.  I then fed him and played a little while before he went back to sleep and slept another 2 hours.  Poor baby!  I think he just needed some quiet time. 

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  1. That look on Cruz's face means that he wants a cup of that coffee. RLB


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