Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday night we had a quiet evening at home.  It's rainy season here and it rains everyday!  The mornings will be really sunny and pretty but it starts clouding up after lunch and by mid-afternoon it's raining and usually rains through the night.  It is getting old, but does make for some cool nights. We've been enjoying several fireside dinners here lately as well. 
Saturday morning started with a little photo shoot for Cruz.  But doesn't every day, haha. 
We joke that his first word is going to be "cheeesssee"

We joined our neighbors for Saturday lunch.  They are a retired couple here studying Spanish.  They are living in the apartment next to ours.  We finally made plans to get together so we could show them some places around town and answer some of their questions about the area.  We had a fun time hanging out with them! 
 John, Sherry, Cruz, me, and David

Later Saturday afternoon we went to visit Ms. Ruth so she could see how much Cruz has grown.  We also took her some photos I had taken of her and Cruz.  It made her very happy!  We spent the rest of the evening at home relaxing.

Sunday morning we went to church in the neighboring town of Jocotenango.  We had a great service there.  In Guatemala there are no nursery's for the babies.  We took Cruz inside in his infant carrier and he slept for a good bit of the time in it.  The rest of the time we took turns holding him in our laps.  He was very good while there, considering the entire service lasted 2.5 hours.  He's such a sweet baby!  Afterwards the locals swarmed him wanting to hold him and kiss him.  They (like everyone else) could not believe he was only 2 months old.
Here are Cruz and David before church

After the service we went out for lunch.  While walking to eat we ran into Maria in the street.  She used to visit us in the park next to our language school everyday during break.  We would talk with her and practice our Spanish with her.  It was the first time for her to see Cruz and she was very excited to meet him.
me, Cruz, and Maria

Sunday afternoon we had the Stamp's over for a visit.  Penny is our language coach and Keith is our new supervisor.  We always enjoy getting together with them.  I can never remember to get a photo of them with Cruz but will try to do that later in the week when we see them again. 
We had a great weekend, enjoyed a lot of visiting, and also took a little time to rest.  Hope yours was fun filled as well!

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