Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Our Typical Day, but A Fun One

Yesterday was a full day for us.  Cruz and I visited the language school yesterday morning so everyone could see/ hold him.  They ask about him everyday and always want to know when I am going to bring him by for another visit.  We love that they love him so much! 

When David finished his classes we met the Parker's for lunch in Antigua.  They are hosting family this week and they were in Antigua for the day and wanted their family members to meet us.  We had a great meal together!
notice those from the States (where it has been soo hot) have their sleeves pushed up and David and I have on our jackets.  haha

they also loved meeting Cruz although this is what he did during most of the visit

In the afternoon I attended my language classes and when I finished we headed to the Stamps house for dinner.  They are hosting the Ziglar family from Honduras this week and we were very excited to get to meet them.   
I finally got a photo with Cruz, Keith, and Penny but it was at the end of the night when Cruz was getting ready to eat and go to bed. 

 The Ziglar's
They were a fun family and we enjoyed meeting them.  We hope we can visit with them again someday.

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