Monday, August 30, 2010

Language Tests, Vaccine's, and a Passport for Cruz

Last Wednesday we spent the whole day in Guatemala City doing errands.  Our first appointment of the day was with Mrs. Helen to take our oral language evaluations.  We are happy to say that we both passed and will be finishing our language study this Friday!  Yippee! 
Mrs. Helen and Cruz

Our next stop was to the pediatricians office for Cruz to get another vaccine.   
Cruz and David before we went back

I call these "the calm before the storm" photos 
not really. 
He does very well with his shots (so far).

I am glad to have David there with me to help keep him calm because I can barely watch.  It hurts my heart for him to get his shots.

this is his cute "Cars" band-aid

Mama and Cruz after his shot

We later went to the U.S. Embassy to pick up Cruz's passport and birth certificate 
Here he is with his passport.  Oh, the places he will go... 
and just like everything else these days, it went right to his mouth 

We then stocked up on groceries and bought a Pizza Hut pizza to take home for dinner.  It was a long/ full day but we got a lot accomplished.  Being in the City can be exhausting and we are always glad to get back home.  The traffic is terrible, the lines are long, and it takes forever to get things done.  But, with a little patience, it can be an enjoyable experience. 

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