Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cruz turned 12 weeks old yesterday!
Has he really only been with us 84 days?
Although the time is flying by it seems like we've had him forever. People said you would not be able to imagine life without him and that is so true. As much as we enjoyed our life before him we CAN.NOT.IMAGINE. him not being a part of our lives. He has brought so much joy to us. He's made our lives complete. He fills our days with laughter and our hearts with love. He is the greatest blessing we've ever received, AND he's only been with us 84 days. :-)   Can't imagine life getting any better, but we know that as we watch him grow- it will.

Here's another video of him sitting up.  My camera ran out of memory at the end (can't imagine it being full, I must take a lot of pictures, lol) 

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