Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

dog gone cute!
Who let the dogs out??? 

 notice anything unusual about this photo? 
This is Cruz's pacifier these days.  He only likes the Soothie brand.  They are rubber and if he drops it they bounce across the room.  We only have 3 so we have to keep up with them!  We received several cute clips for pacifier's at our showers but this particular pacifier doesn't have a slot to attach them, only two small holes.  I didn't want to cut a hole in it so David came up with the idea of putting a rubber band on it- temporarily.  It works for now! ha

we recently enjoyed a yummy popcorn chicken meal and a biscuit from KFC in Guatemala City.  It was just like being back home!

I LOVE seeing Cruz's clothes hanging between ours on the clothes line. 

And lastly, here's a quick video of him (mostly for the grandparents). 
He loves looking in the mirror these days.

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  1. I found paci holder clips for soothie paci's at

    Hope that helps!


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