Monday, August 2, 2010

Cruz Goes to the Beach

First of all, today is David's birthday!  To celebrate we took an overnight trip down to the Pacific Ocean over the weekend.  We don't give each other gifts for birthday's, anniversary's, Christmas etc.  Instead we have always chosen to travel somewhere and do something that we can both enjoy.  This was our first trip to get to enjoy with the new addition to our family.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere that had a pool (we have been very eager to put Cruz in the water) and that also had a bath tub (we consider that a luxury item here).  We chose to drive down to the beach.  It's just a little over an hours drive from where we are living now.  We had a WONDERFUL time and Cruz could not have acted any sweeter. 
This was his first road trip to make as well as a lot of other "firsts" he had on the trip.  Right now he travels so well.  We hope that doesn't change.
 Heading to the beach!

We stopped half way and had lunch at Sarita's on the way down 

 Cruz playing with Mommy and Daddy while we waited to get checked in

After a short nap and a snack, we all headed down to the ocean.  We had so much fun putting his feet in the water and watching his reactions to the water and sounds.
Here's a video of David and Cruz at the beach

as you can see, the beaches here have black sand
 our family

We then headed to the pool to see his reaction to that.  He loved it!
He looks pretty excited about it, huh

and here's a video of Cruz in the pool-

We went in to get cleaned up for dinner and within minutes he was sound asleep. 
He ended up sleeping through the whole meal which allowed us to enjoy it even more.  He was back in the room and asleep for the night by 8:00.  He slept until 4:00 a.m. (this was the third night in a row).

The next morning we made one more trip to the pool after breakfast before heading back home

 checking out of the hotel

and this is what he did all the way home. 

We had a great time celebrating David's birthday and Cruz made it extra special and extra fun.  We can't wait for more family trips like this one with him.


  1. Swimming always wears Sara Madalin out. That's why we LOVE it. I think she and Cruz already wear the same size swimmers. Ha. Gina, you usually include tons of pictures of the hotel you stay in. Not this time, huh? Too busy taking pictures of something/someone else. It makes me so happy to see y'all enjoy these things with the addition of your little man. And Happy Birthday David!

  2. Cruz looks like such a happy baby. So glad that he enjoyed the beach/pool. And that yall had fun as well.
    What program did you use to make the collages?
    Have a great week.
    Happy Birthday David


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