Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2010 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! June was a month filled with getting to know our newborn baby and figuring out how to best care for him. It's been a fun and interesting time! We had visits from both of our moms and enjoyed them greatly. We are both back in Spanish language school now and trying to finish up so we can get back to work. We plan to study a few more weeks and hope to test out in August. A great prayer request we have will be for housing once we finish school and get ready to move up north. We will be moving eight hours from here (Antigua) to the town of Sayaxche' and working only in the northern part of Guatemala. Pray that at that time the Lord would show us exactly the place we need to be living.

As far as the work among the K'ekchi' we have not been a part of it directly since returning to Guatemala. We are only focusing on language study at this time. But, we wanted to include a prayer request for the work that our supervisor recently sent out. Here is the request:

We come to you once again with a prayer assignment that requires the Armor of God to stand with us against a heresy that is threatening the unity and the work of the Kekchi Baptist Association! In short form, this group preys on poor people and asks them for a sum of money to join their organization which in turn promises they will receive a very large sum of money...... in the future (which never happens). They are also required to burn candles in gratitude to the "Powerful Saint Simon" who supposedly makes all this happen....a SCAM with idolatry at the center.

Only in recent weeks have we learned of this "attack of the enemy" and are alarmed as to how widespread it is among Kekchi Baptists. We (Missionaries here on the field and those in the USA who served among the Kekchi) have prepared a letter refuting this heresy and appealing for repentance and restoration. We feel God wants us to take copies of this letter and present it in as many Pastors Conferences in early July as possible. WE NEED YOUR PRAYER COVERING!

Please pray for them as they travel to these meetings (July 1-8) and attempt to share with the leaders and pastors there. Pray that the eyes of the K'ekchi' leaders would be open to recognize the "plot of the enemy" and for God's Truth to prevail in their hearts and minds.

As always we depend on your prayers for all aspects of our lives and work and we thank you for your faithful intercession for us. Until next time...

Sending our love,
David, Regina, and Cruz
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) our language acquisition
2) for the spiritual attack that the K'ekchi' work is under
3) our future housing situation
4) our spiritual growth
5) our health and safety

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