Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

Last weekend Cruz spent his first night away from home.  We all stayed overnight at our mission house in Guatemala City.  It was also the first time for us to pack his things for an overnight trip- yikes.  We decided not to take his pack-n-play just for one night but instead opted to take his changing mat for him to sleep on.  We knew we would be sleeping in twin beds so we planned to let him sleep on his changing mat on the floor between us.  During the time we were getting things ready for bed, I left the room to go to the bathroom.  When I returned I couldn't find the baby.  David said he put him to bed.  Well, I looked around and this is where I found him-
laying on his mat inside of the armoire! 
He was smiling and just as happy and content as he could be in there.

the mat actually fit perfectly on the shelf and it turned out to be a great place for him to sleep.  He slept just as good as he does in his own bed.  He never knew the difference.  It was also the first night for him to not  sleep under a mosquito net since he was born.

they say to missionary's often that you MUST be flexible.  It appears that our baby is learning that at an early age. ha  I hope he will always travel well and easily adjust to whatever circumstances and changes come his way.

catching some zzzz's

 napping with mama

Earlier this week I put this outfit on him to take some pictures.  It is a newborn outfit but somehow still fit him.  He smiled and did well for most of the photos but when he was done, he was done!  I took a few of him crying as well.  When his daddy got home from school and I showed him the photos he said Cruz was crying because he had to wear that ugly, yellow outfit lol.  David does not like this type of clothes on Cruz.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Visiting from SITS. OH my goodness, I love your blog, and your little one is adorable!

  2. It's a great thing to learn flexibility when they are young. Home is where ever Mom and Dad are.

    Popping in from SITS!

  3. I agree David, and I do love the red and blue. Looks good on him. Ha. RLB

  4. How clever! I would've never thought of stashing the baby in there! haha! Brilliant! :)

  5. The things you learn to do when you have children. Tell David he is a gifted thinker. That is thinking out of the box for sure! Cruz seems to be such a happy baby.


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