Friday, July 2, 2010

Cruz at APPE

I recently took Cruz to our language school during break time to visit his dad and meet the teachers.  To say they went crazy over him would be an understatement!  They all wanted a turn to hold him and just kept saying how cute he was.  It makes my heart very happy for the locals to love on my baby!  Everytime we get out people come up to us, stop us on the street, or walk up to our table at a restaurtant and want to see him.  We love it!

Yesterday we went back again.  This week is the anniversary celebration of our language school and everyday this week they are having activities to celebrate.  Yesterday was the annual soccer game between the teachers and the students.  I took Cruz to watch his first soccer game and visit with everyone there.  Here are a few photos of the game-
the guy in the red shorts is David's current teacher

And just what did Cruz do at the game???  He charmed all the ladies.  As soon as we walked up they took him and passed him around the whole time we were there.  He got a lot of love during that game!

I love this photo!  These are both former teachers of mine.  Mirian is taking a photo of Cruz with her cell phone.  How funny is that!


  1. What a great 1st time mom you are. Not panicking when people don't wash their hands and pass him around and kiss all over him. Your doing a great job.

  2. That is so adorable. I love to see what babies do to people :o)


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