Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bath Time

We are very glad that Cruz enjoys his evening bath time.  The first week was difficult but he adjusted quickly.  He then liked his bath time but not getting his hair washed.  Now, he likes both.  If he is fussy, his bath always calms him down.
look at that pot belly!
It takes both of us to give him his bath (or we both just like to do it).  David usually holds him while I wash and rinse him.  It's a fun time for all three of us and we usually get a lot of laughs during this time.  Our little boy is definitely not lacking for attention.  We are both all over him, all the time.


After his bath we dry him off, rub/ massage him with lotion, put on his pj's, and then I feed him.  It's been our nightly routine for several weeks now.  He is starting to catch on to the system (we think).  We love the smell of our clean baby!

After I feed him, one of us rocks him to sleep.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day. He's soo sweet during that time- just look at that sweet smile on his face!  We take turns rocking him. If I am really tired, David will rock him and let me go to bed a little early- and that puts a sweet smile on my face.  :-)

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  1. Bless his heart! He's so, um, "healthy" he doesn't even have a neck. It's just chin(s) then chest. Ha. I still love how Sara Madalin smells after her bath. I used Phisoderm for babies on her until she was about a year old. Now I use Johnson & Johnson lavender scented wash on her. It smells so good. At least, what little time I have to smell her before she runs naked streaking through the house after I dry her off. I'm sure you'll get to enjoy that too before you know it. Ha.


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