Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Month Update

Cruz is 2 months old today!
We wish we could freeze time and enjoy him more at this stage.  He is so much fun!
What is he up to lately?
*  he had his two month check-up today.  The doctor said he was doing great and seemed very healthy!  What a blessing it is to hear that your child is healthy.  I pray we never take that for granted!
*  he now weighs 13 lbs 14 ozs.
*  he is 23.5 inches long (3 more than at birth)
* he recently spent his first night away from home. We all slept at our mission house in Guatemala City. He did great and never seemed to mind that he was not at his house, in his own bed. He slept on his changing pad in an armoire. (I'll post about that later in the week).

*  he is wearing size 1 diapers but probably not for much longer
*  he is wearing 0-3 month clothes but has outgrown many outfits and pj's.  We will be unpacking some 3-6 month clothes real soon
*  he has started sucking his hands often.  We think he is trying to get his thumb in his mouth but just doesn't have the coordination to do it yet.  We hope he doesn't start!
*  he started smiling at week 6. At first he smiled more for his dad but now smiles for everyone.  It melts our hearts to see his sweet smile!
* he loves his bath time and is so fun to bathe
*  he nurses well (as is obvious by looking at him).  He will go anywhere from 6-8 hours between feedings at night and eats about every 3 hours the rest of the time.
*  I love how he holds on to my shirt while I feed him.  It's like he is saying "you're not going anywhere until I'm done"   :-)
*  despite the fact that he is not sure if he likes his car seat or not, he travels well.  This makes us happy because we like to stay on the go.  He seems to be very flexible and easy going when it comes to traveling.  I hope this doesn't change.
*  he still loves his bouncy seat and sits in it well.  He is able to reach the toys better now.  He usually sits in it while we eat our meals.
*  he likes his carrier and we like to carry him in it.
* right now his eyes are still blue but sometimes look gray.  I am not sure if they will change or not. 
*  his hair is going through a change of color.  It was much darker when he was born but now looks more light brown/ red.  We wonder if it is turning blonde like his dad used to have. 
*  he is a snuggle bug and we love to hold him close and squeeze him.  After his middle of the night feedings, there are times that I feel I could rock and hold him forever.  That is my favorite time with him!
*  he is cooing a lot now and we love talking to him and interacting with him
*  he loves to stare at lights

He has changed so much and continues to change almost daily.  We already wish he didn't have to grow up!
He is the joy of our life!
Happy 2 month birthday to Cruz! 
Mama and Daddy love you very, very much!


  1. What a cutie! Doesn't the time go so fast? It's unbelievable how quickly it goes. 13 lbs, 14 oz? Lane's only 14 lbs, 9 oz and she's 6 months old! You really must have a good eater on your hands!

  2. How sweet! Yes, he has changed a lot in 2 months! And time does fly! I know you are savoring every moment :)


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