Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 2010 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! May was a month to remember for us. We welcomed our son, Cruz David White, on Wednesday, May 26. He was 8 lbs. 6 ozs., almost 20.5 inches long and appears to be very healthy. We can't thank you enough for your prayers for us during the pregnancy. My c-section recovery seems to be going well too. So far it has been a smooth transition into parenthood and David and I are on cloud nine!

Other than the birth of our child, we spent the rest of the month in Spanish language school. David will return on Monday and I will take a few more weeks off. We've been meeting regularly with a veteran missionary couple who have been mentoring us while we are in school. We are thankful to have others in our lives who can invest in us and help us to better understand and do our job.

We appreciate and covet your prayers. We have felt them so greatly over the last few weeks. Your love and well wishes have ministered to us in a mighty way. Thank you for your interest in our lives and ministry. We couldn't do it without your prayers, love, and support! Until next time...

Sending our love,
David, Regina, and Cruz
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) a healthy baby boy!
2) a smooth delivery even though it was by c-section
3) our continued adjustment

1) for my recovery
2) language learning
3) good health and safety for us
4) Cruz's first doctors visit- Monday, June 7, and my follow-up check-up- Thursday, June 10

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  1. When we did something with our hearts and believe in God, everything is smooth. God gives to us all the things he understand we can afford.

    Besides you, my native language is Spanish and I try (haha) to write in english (sorry for all my mistakes) and I want to help you. If you want to practice your spanish and if you like check my blog, all my posts (except some memes) are bilingual (first spanish and then english).

    Enjoy the weekend.


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