Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Sweet Ladies

We spent all of Saturday morning visiting two dear sweet ladies in Antigua.  Our first visit was with Ms. Araminta.  She was our first hostess when we lived in Antigua in 2007.  We lived in her home for 4 months.  We have a lot of fun memories with her!  We had heard through the school that she was not in good health so we wanted  to go by and check on her.  She is 85 years old now.  I don't know who was more excited to see who, or who was more encouraged by the visit- her or us.  We had a wonderful visit with her and can't wait to go back after the baby is born so she can see him. 

Our next stop was to see Ms. Ruth.  Saturday was her birthday and we wanted to stop by and wish her well.  She turned 79.  She too was glad to see us and we were glad to see her.  She had tons of questions about how we were doing, how is school, how is our apartment, how is the baby....  She is such a caretaker and wants to make sure we are doing well. 
We are glad to have had both of these ladies in our lives.  They took such great care of us while we lived with them.  We are thankful for the blessing they are to us. It's like having Guatemalan grandmothers! 

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  1. How cool is that! We are blessed to still live close to my grandparents and my kids get the blessings of it! It makes me so grateful for the promises that God is faithful for generations.


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