Monday, May 3, 2010

A School Tradition

On Friday we finished up another week of Spanish language study.  It was also time to change teachers.  Here is a photo of the teachers we have had for the last two weeks-
Me, Azucena, Felix, and David
We will get new teachers today.

On the last day of the month during our break the school always has a birthday party for everyone who has had a birthday during that month.  We sing "Happy Birthday" in the language of each student that is studying at the time.  It's always fun to hear the song in the different languages.  The majority of the students studying right now are from Europe.  We sang the song in Spanish, English, German, French, and Norwegian.  We have one Dutch student but he wouldn't sing by himself.  I don't blame him.  Here's a video from the party-
Here are a few photos I took.  Friday is casual dress day for the teachers.  On the other days they have nice uniforms they wear to class.

They always buy the birthday cakes from our favorite bakery- Cinderella's.  They make the best desserts, we especially LOVE their cheesecakes!!  Friday we had two cakes- a carrot cake and a German chocolate cake (pictured above).  It had a coconut and pineapple filling with a coffee flavored icing.  It was SOO good!


  1. Found you off SITS and so glad I did. Missionaries... WOW! Your blog is lovely and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your life.

  2. Oh... and CONGRATULATIONS on the impending birth of your son!!!!!!!!!


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