Monday, May 31, 2010

Here We Go...

Tuesday evening, May 25, 2010
David driving us to the hospital (La Esperanza in Guatemala City) to have our baby

trying to get there in 5:00, rainy, Guatemala traffic was a challenge, but I'll never forget that ride and the sweet time it was for us knowing that our lives were about to be forever changed!

Once we arrived we had a ton of paperwork to fill out.  They checked my blood pressure, height, and weight.  I had not gained any more weight so that kept me at a total of 28 for the pregnancy.  They also drew my blood.  That is one thing I can't not stand to do!  You can see my mouth is WIDE open and I am on the verge of tears.  David thought it was soo funny.  I was just thinking to myself, if I can't take this, how will I ever survive the surgery I was facing the next morning. 
Once we got checked in to my room, they brought me dinner.  I had fish.  The food at the hospital was actually very good, considering the reputation that hospital food has.  We both ate well while there.

 My last good night of sleep for a long time. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
This is a view of my room.  We stayed here the first night and then they moved us across the hall for the remainder of our stay.
ready for surgery and waiting on them to come get me

last views of my baby bump

David trying to post one last update before we head to surgery. 
He doesn't look nervous at all, does he.

After this they came and took me.  Our next post will be from the operating room and Cruz's arrival.

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