Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on Leadership Conference

Last week we asked for prayer for an Indigenous Leadership Conference that was held here in Guatemala. Below is an update/ report written by our supervisor of what took place. A big thanks to all of you who took time to prayer for this conference!!!

God used your powerful prayers to bless us at the Central America leadership conference in Chimaltenango, Guatemala in wonderful ways last week! It was attended by approximately 90 leaders from Mexico to Panama, representing 10 indigenous people groups. The "cross-pollination" between the different ethnic groups was beautiful. Following are some highlights:

San Andres Itzapa is a nearby town known for its paganism and worship of an idol, San Simon. The darkness there was assaulted as we prayer walked and witnessed in many small groups. After that morning of ministry the groups came together to share, reporting several professions of faith, many rededications to Christ, and hundreds of Scripture portions shared.

Each group had a time to share what God was doing and to make prayer requests. Most noteworthy was the dedication to Christ and His message and the tremendous price that many of our Brothers and Sisters in these groups are paying! We heard reports of how "Chol" believers are hated in Chiapas, Mexico and of the many who have been killed, maimed, and robbed of their homes and expelled from their communities for their faith....but remain faithful to their Lord!

The "Mam" representatives reported about the great persecution in Western Guatemala over the years...yet the few believers remain faithful to Christ and His Church. Please pray for a Baptist Pastor from that region named, Jeronimo, who was accused falsely of a crime (because of his bold witness) and has been in jail for 6 months. We were challenged by his great faith as he has won 45 prisoners to the Lord and is now discipling them. His wife, Melania, stood before us sharing their testimony with tears in her eyes and boldly told us that they would continue to serve the Lord no matter what happened in the future!

One full morning was scheduled for our Kekchi leaders to share the wonderful work of God among them for more than 40 years. Thank you for your prayers for them. Each one stood with joy before the group to share the history of the work and personal experiences of how God had blessed them and had saved thousands of souls and planted hundreds of churches. This was a blessing and encouragement to the others as many of the groups have not yet seen very many saved nor the growth they desire among their people group.

Only eternity will tell the full impact of this conference, but we sensed the Presence of God and His Spirit touching hearts and imparting vision. Our Kekchi Brothers are now thinking and praying about the possibility of sending a missionary to Mexico to share the Gospel with one of the unreached indigenous groups there. Please pray with us that God would confirm and clarify His good plan for the Kekchi to do missions in a cross-cultural setting.


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  2. Hi, It is great seeing how God is working in Guatemala and all over the world. My prayers are with you and all as the Word of Christ gets out over the world.
    Thanks for allowing yourselves to be used.


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