Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Far, So Good

This was our view this morning from our bedroom window.  In the distance you can see Volcan Fuego.  It's a beautiful sunny day here today and we are out and about the town, walking around and enjoying it!
 a closer view of the volcano

this is the view of Volcan Agua from our rooftop patio. 
Antigua is such a lovely place to be.  It's hard to be stressed when you are surrounded by so much beauty.  I am glad to be here during this time.

we moved in with a Guatemalan family on Monday afternoon.  We first stayed in this bedroom for 3 nights and then moved next door to the bedroom we had before because it has a private bathroom.  I haven't taken photos of our new room yet, but will post some soon.
 we (mostly I) moved in with lots of stuff.  It is a little embarrasing for the family to see how much we have.
David doing homework one afternoon

these are the steps we have to climb to get up and down to the bedrooms.  They are very steep! 

This past week we had 4 Germans and one girl from Belgium also living in our home.  We all eat 3 meals a day together around the table.  It is fun for all of us to speak Spanish with each other considering all of our accents.  We love the mixture of cultures we get exposed to by living with a family. 

Our meals have been good.   For breakfast we get, everyday, Corn Flakes with a banana.  They use powdered milk which is more like water than milk and they also serve it room temperature.  It's not too bad.  They also serve scrambled eggs with fresh bread and another fruit.  We have water and coffee (instant) also.  Lunch is the main meal of the day.  We start with a soup, usually the left over vegetables from the day before all blended together.  We like it though.  It is always very tasty.  We then have a main meat course and several fresh vegetables to go with it.  We have a different type of salad everyday.  They cook pretty healthy here.  They serve tortillas as our bread.  Our dessert is always some type of fruit.  We get served water to drink.  No coffee with lunch.  Dinner is usually leftovers from lunch and a few new things.  They serve black beans only at night with fresh bread.  It is a much smaller meal then lunch.  They serve water and coffee to drink. 

Our language school is APPE.  Our classes went very well this past week.  We enjoy studying so i think that makes it easier for us.  We have homework everyday, including over the weekends. 
 this is a side view of the school.  It is joined by the park below.  Everyday during our break time we sit in the park and eat our snack. 
not only do we not have internet access in our home but we also do not have a way to wash our clothes.  the good thing is they have wash areas all over town where you can drop your clothes off to be washed.  They will wash, dry, and fold your clothes for 5 Quetzales per pound.  This morning we dropped off a load from the past week at the place below that weighed 12 pounds.  It cost 60 Quetzales- about $7.50. 
   photo taken this morning
this is a photo of the cobblestone streets that I mentioned in a previous post.  they are not very easy to walk on or drive over!

Our first week could not have gone any better!  Thanks for praying for us to have a smooth adjustment and transition.  It has been both.


  1. I could not believe it when I read that you guys are living with a family right now... as in 32 weeks pregnant. I know you are tougher than me, but I am praying for you anyway. Those stairs... not eating what you crave... sharing a bathroom. Ok, I am being negative, anyway, I'm praying! Your new blog design makes me think of Cruz' room!

  2. The beauty of Guatemala is unmistakable. and the home you are in looks quite cozy and inviting. blessings to you in your last weeks of pregnancy. glad to read that you have had a good check up. soon the baby will be here!

  3. Hey, where is your basket on your head filled with clothes??? RB


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