Friday, April 16, 2010

On The Move, AGAIN

Today we made another big move.  We hope for this to be our last big move until we leave for the northern part of Guatemala in a few months (with the exception of living at the mission house in Guatemala City to wait for me to go into labor).  Since returning we have been looking for a small one bedroom/ studio apartment to rent and live in before and after the baby is born.  We had to have something furnshed because we do not have any of our stuff yet and won't receive it until we move north.  The problem with looking was all the different people's idea of "furnished".  We got many laughs at what people showed us.  After much searching, we finally settled on a furnished studio apartment.  We moved in this afternoon.  It is small but will be very sufficient for our family.  I will try to post photos in a few days.
In the meantime, we had to say goodbye to our host family.  That was sad because we really enjoy being in their home!  The photo above was our "last supper" on Thursday night.  We are going to miss those meal times!  pictured are: David, me, Paulina, Ms. Ruth, Kelly, and Phillip
Today we completed two weeks of Spanish study.  The school has suggested that we change teachers every two weeks so we also had to say goodbye and thank you to our teachers today.  My teacher was Alicia and David's was Vinicio.  We enjoyed both of them very much and would not have changed had the school not recommended it..  (gosh my belly looks big!!!)
This is us with Ms. Ruth.  We LOVE her soo very much.  She is one of the nicest, sweetest ladies in all of Guatemala.  We enjoy being around her and being in her home.  We had to promise her that we would return often to visit and especially after the baby is born. 
David and Phillip
Phillip is from Germany and also stayed in our host home this week.  We enjoyed getting to know him and giving him advice about Guatemala.  He was great to hang around with.  Spanish is his 6th language to study/ learn! and he is picking it up quickly! 
one last photo with the girls
They were all soo very kind to us and very sweet to me.  They asked me everyday how the baby is doing and constantly reminded me to be careful.  I think they are going to miss the baby more than us.  Notice Kelly and Paulina holding my belly.   :-)  What a blessing to have these precious people in our lives!


  1. Hello! stopping by from SITS! so intrigued to find out why you are in Guatemala! :)

    nice to meet you! going to go peek around your blog more.....

  2. Hi There. Stopping by from SITS sharefest. I absolutely love your blog. I a going to look around and read some more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Stop this you're going to make me cry! lol Miss you guys! where will you be in the next couple years? Guatemala city, antigua, coban?? Because I want to come visit!! and meet the baby!!!


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