Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Long but Productive Day

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us.  We began by meeting our friends Allen and Laurelle for breakfast at McDonald's in Antigua.  It is the most beautiful McDonald's I have ever seen.  I'll have to post photos of it sometime.  My saugage, egg, and cheese McMuffin was a delicious break from the Corn Flakes and banana we have been eating everyday in our host home.                                
David, me, Laurelle, and Allen
After eating, David and I drove into Guatemala City to run some errands.  Our first stop was to tour the hospital where I plan to deliver the baby.  We also wanted to make sure we knew EXACTLY where it is!  It is not the same hospital that we have both been in before, but I will be fine going there. 
We had a sweet nurse show us around the maturnity ward.  She showed us the semi-private and private rooms.  They also have one suite but it was occupied so we couldn't see it.  She took us in the actual delivery room and I must say that for the first time reality really hit me that I have a baby on the way.  It was not that I thought the room wasn't adequate, but it was more the thought that in just a few weeks I will be there delivering a baby!  I didn't stay in there long, ha.  I enjoyed seeing the nursery and the two newborns they had in there.  It made me feel much better to go see the hospital in person. 
We left there and went to our mission house in the City.  We went through all of our luggage we have stored there and took out all of the baby stuff we needed to bring back with us.  We still can't believe just how much stuff the baby has! 

Our last errand was to buy groceries.  We first stopped by their food court for lunch.  We ate McDonald's AGAIN.  You know you've been eating too much local food when you eat McDonald's two meals in a row.  We then bought groceries and supplies for our apartment.  The down side of not living with a host family is not having someone to cook your three meals a day.  It can spoil you, even if it's not food you really want.  We'll miss that.  The highlight of my whole day, week, month... was finding these products in the store for the first time ever-
Crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls (which I ate very often while in the States), and cookie dough!!!!!!  I have to say I had a moment in the grocery isle.  It is soo funny how you can get SOO excited over the simplest of things, especially finding food items you love.  I wanted to buy all they had because I am afraid I'll go back and they won't have any of these again.  That's usually how it works. 

We returned home late in the afternoon.  It took all day to run just these few errands.  I was pretty tired, but still got all the groceries put up, all the suitcases unpacked, cooked supper, and washed a load of clothes (with help from David of course).  I was very happy to finally unpack all of our bags.  We have been living out of suitcases since we arrived.  It was also nice to get most of the babies stuff unpacked and put away.  I feel a little more ready for him to come now....I think.


  1. Ha! Ha! Your reaction to the Pillsbury stuff made me laugh :) When I was 5-6, we lived in Iran (my dad was military). We had a commissary to go grocery shopping, but it lacked a lot of American comforts...the most missed was loaf bread. I remember the day we went shopping and my mom saw Wonder bread...she was singing the "hallelujah" chorus in the aisles.--Michelle Wyatt

  2. We got really excited here when we saw dented cans of Dr. Pepper around Christmas. I put one in each kid's stocking. I miss all the easy foods too by Pillsbury, but I have learned how to make my own bread, rolls, etc...much more than I ever did in the States.


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