Friday, April 2, 2010

Coban Visit

We decided at the last minute to make a quick run to Coban to get a few things out of our storage there for school.  We needed our notebooks, dictionaries, flashcards, Bibles, etc., as well as a few clothes and odds and ends.  Coban is 4 hours north of Guatemala City.  David was not sure about me making the trip but I really wanted to go.  I propped my feet up and reclined my seat and rode pretty comfortably. 
We stopped every hour to let me use the bathroom and stretch my legs.  On one of those stops I bought a frozen coconut drink that was really good. 
The closer we got to Coban the more excited we got.  It was like going home.  We loved our years living there and will always treasure the memories from there.  When we arrived we were greeted by the McGriff's.  They had me roses on the table.  They know I love flowers!
 I was extra excited to see their dog, Precioso.  We LOVE that dog and I really missed him while we were away.
We also got to see how much our lemon tree had grown.  We could not believe how big it was! 
 That night for dinner we went next door and ate at Casa de Acuna's with Jim and Carol.   
The next morning we met our friends James and Delrae for breakfast at McDonald's before driving back to the City.  It was great to catch up with them again.

Our trip was a short one but a most enjoyable one.  We felt more relaxed there than we have in weeks.  We also had the best nights sleep we have had in a while.  It was refreshing to go and I am glad we were able to do it.

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