Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

For the past week, this has been our bedroom in our host families house.  We lived in this same room for 2 months back in 2007.  We enjoyed it and requested to be there again this time around.
This is our shower.  We are glad to have a private bathroom!  Not many homes offer it.
This is what heats our water in the shower.  It is nicknamed "widow maker" because you can see all of the electric wires that are hooked to it.  You DO NOT want to touch it while bathing!  :-)

From our home, we have views of all three volcanos that surrounds Antigua.  Above is Volcan Agua and it is the only active one of the three.  On Tuesday morning I took this photo of it "burping".  You can see the smoke coming out.

Below is Volcan Acatenango.  Wednesday morning we saw this view.  It was covered in either snow or ice.  It was a beautiful sight, although my photos are not very clear.

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