Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! It's good to be back! We arrived back on the field on the 24th of March to begin our second term. So far things are going well.

The month of March began with our appointment service on the 3rd. It was a very special time for us. We spent the rest of the month packing, crating, at family get-together's, and saying our goodbye's. Leaving this time was much harder than in the past.

We will be spending the next several weeks studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala. It is about 35-45 minutes outside of Guatemala City. We will start classes on Monday, April 5 and will also be moving in with a Guatemalan family while we study. We plan to be there until I have the baby and for a while afterwards. Pray for our study time that we would absorb it quickly and that it would be enjoyable. Also pray for our living situation. During the 10 weeks we are here before the baby we will be living in 4 different places. That is a lot on a pregnant women in her 3rd trimester but we will try to make the best of it. We also do not know for certain where we will be living once the baby is born. That is a great prayer request that we have!

We will be celebrating our 14the wedding anniversary on the 27th and we are looking forward to that.

The pregnancy is going good. Please continue to keep it in your prayers. I was 31 weeks yesterday. We have our first appointment here on April 8. Pray that I will carry him to term, for a quick, easy delivery, and that neither of us would have any complications. Also, begin praying for an easy transition for us from a family of two to a family of three. We know it is not going to be easy!

We are honored that you would join us on mission as our prayer partners. We will be relying on your prayers very much in the next weeks, months, and years ahead. Thanks for coming along side of us and supporting us through prayer. We appreciate it! Until next time....

Sending our love,
David and Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) being able to return to the field!
2) packing and crating are over
3) we had a safe return and good readjustment to Guatemala

1) a continued good pregnancy, delivery, and recovery
2) our language study time
3) our families back home who we miss and who miss us
4) opportunities to be a witness
5) relationships to be made with the locals

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  1. Fun times south of the border, huh? You're so lucky to be able to spend some time is such a beautiful part of the world!


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