Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 28

I am 28 weeks today!
By this week the baby should weigh 2.5 pounds and measure around 15.75 inches total length.  His eyebrows and eyelashes should be present.  Hair on his head should be growing longer, and his body is becoming plumper and rounder.  In the last 4 weeks, from the 24th week of pregnancy to now, his weight should have doubled.
I have been pretty tired this week.  I think it is a combination of the pregnancy and all that is going on in our lives at this time.  We are trying to get packed and ready to move back to Guatemala and the stress of that is wearing me out.  We return two weeks from today.

In spite of that, I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks in the States.  I am trying to eat things that I might not be able to get in Guatemala.  I am wondering how my cravings will be once we return and if I'll crave things I can't get.  One of those foods I have enjoyed eating lately is fried catfish.  We will both miss that!  Other foods that I have wanted and can get in Guatemala are cheeseburgers, strawberry sundaes, and push ups.  I still love chocolate milk and ice water with lemon. 

I have had sinus trouble the whole pregnancy. I sneeze all the time.  Lately I have had bad nose bleeds.  I read that this is normal but is not something I am enjoying.

My bellybutton has not popped out yet, but is just about flat with my stomach.  My clothes are getting tighter so I can tell that my belly is expanding.  It itches a lot too.

I have my next check-up and sonogram next Wednesday.  It will be my last one in the States.  We are anxious to get another glimpse of our baby!  Keep praying, he'll be here soon!


  1. Have fun at the beach and enjoy your spring break!! Can't wait for my break. Just a couple more weeks until I can kick back too.


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