Thursday, March 25, 2010


On Monday afternoon I went with my mom, aunt, and cousin to McComb to eat lunch and do a little shopping.  
me, my mom, my Aunt Carolyn, and my cousin Angie
My mom and I decided to get a pedicure.  It was heavenly!
On Tuesday this was how we drove our car to Jackson.  It was completely packed!  We stayed at a hotel close to the airport since we had the first flight out on Wednesday morning. 
On Tuesday night our friends Reagan and Malinda picked us up from the hotel and took us to eat at a local O'Charley's.  It's been our tradition with them since we first went to Guateamala.  On our last night before we fly out we go eat with them there.  We had a fun night of laughing and talking about old times.  It was a good, relaxing way to spend our last night.
This was us getting ready to check our bags at the airport on Wednesday morning.
David used my boppy pillow as a neck rest on the plane, lol.
approaching Guatemala City.
We had a great return trip.  It was an easy day of travel considering I am 7 months pregnant.  The McGriff's and a few others met us at the airport.  It was a warm welcome.  We went to eat lunch at Nais with Jim and Carol, another tradition of ours when we return to Guatemala.  I forgot to take a photo though.   We are currently in Guatemala City staying at our mission house and will be here for the next week.  Pray that we would get settled back in and reajusted well to life here. 


  1. Looks like you had plenty of room in that seat for the LARGE neck pillow. Only DH! Reagan.

  2. Loved the pic of David and the pillow!!!(:-)
    You sound like you are "back home"!!! Praying for you three.


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