Friday, March 19, 2010

Cuteness is...

our three year old niece Larsen.  We really enjoyed spending time with her at the beach and playing.  She has the cutest personality!  On our last night there, after being around me all week and talking about my baby, she came into our room to show me her surprise.  She wanted me to see "her baby".  She had put her new stuffed animal under her shirt and was showing me her belly.  She asked me all week where my baby was and I would tell her that he is in my tummy.  We laughed so much and thought it was soo cute.
She would pull her baby in and out of her shirt and show it to me
she said her baby was a girl and she named her fooden.  She puts an "n" or "en" on a lot of her words.  That is her word for food.
I couldn't resist a side shot, lol


  1. Not only does she look like her Uncle David, she acts like him too. Bless her sweet heart.


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