Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 25

I am 25 weeks today! 
At 25 weeks he should weigh around 1.5 pounds and be about 8.75 inches long.  He seems very active and kicks all the time.  I feel him most in the late evening.  I hope he is not a night owl like his dad.  ha

I feel great!  I had my monthly check-up today and all was well.  I will only have one more check-up in the States before we return to Guatemala.  I can't believe how fast it's going by!  I gained 5 pounds this past month.  Between our cruise, visit to Alabama, and meals with family and friends, I was really surprised it wasn't more.  That makes a total weight gain of 15 pounds so far.  We will also have one more sonogram on our next visit before we leave.  I am excited to get another glimpse of baby Cruz.  In case you missed yesterday's post, we have named him Cruz David White.  He'll be called Cruz. 

David made a short video of the heartbeat at today's appointment-

I am starting to feel big and pregnant.  An average uterus at this stage is about the size of a soccer ball.  That's big to me! 

We are thankful for another good Doctor's report.  Please pray these next 15 weeks go as smoothly as the previous.  We appreciate it!

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