Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

We began our weekend with a get-together at our neighbors.  They invited us over for dinner and Phase 10.  We had a fun night with them.

On Saturday my parents drove down and took me to lunch.  Afterwards we did a little shopping.  I can tell that they are getting sad at the thought of me leaving in a few weeks!

Later that afternoon David and I drove to Brandon to have dinner with our friends Martha and Dwayne.  We haven't seen them much since being home so they invited us over.  They also invited Reagan, Malinda, and Sara Madalin.
David, Regina, Martha, Dwayne, Sara Madalin, Malinda, and Reagan
We had a good meal together and then sat around talking and laughing.  Sara Madalin provided us with lots of entertainment.  This is a photo with her holding her new Funship Freddie or "Fred" we gave her from our cruise.  Her mama thinks that is a good name for our baby. ha
On Sunday we attended church and then had a delicious Valentine's meal at Porches.  I was glad David agreed to take me, it was very nice! 

We had a great weekend, filled with friends, laughter, and food.  We are going to miss these get together's (and meals) when we return to Guatemala.


  1. I ask her "Where is Fred?" and she goes straight to him. She knows his name. RB

  2. What a great weekend! Also, congrats on the baby!!!

    Stoppin' by from SITS

  3. What a beautiful picture of the two of you. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  4. Sounds like a great time! I love the game phase 10. Glad you are enjoying your time back home.

  5. Also, I was wondering if you have a baby name picked out yet. Or the first intital of the name.


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