Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Trip to Thomasville, AL

On the way home from Dothan we stopped over in Thomasville to visit with our friends Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire.  They served two years in Guatemala and became our instant friends when we arrived.  They have been such a blessing to us!
Allen, Laurelle, Regina, and David
We began our visit with dinner on Monday night.  Every meal we had with them had a theme.  Our first theme was Christmas.  She had the table decorated and we used her Christmas China.  They grilled steaks and we had several things to go with it.
After eating we went downstairs and opened a few Christmas gifts they had for us.  She has the basement of her house decorated with all things Guatemalan.  We loved it! 
Tuesday morning we had a Valentine's themed breakfast
She had us a Valentine's gift as well
me and Laurelle
David and Allen
We spent the morning riding around their town and seeing the sights.  We visited their church and met their pastor and a few others there.  We had lunch at the People's Corner.  We had hamburger's and hot dogs and considered that our 4th of July meal.  ha
Later that day I attended and spoke at a WMU ladies meeting.  They made Valentine's cookies to take to shut-ins.  They were a wonderful group of ladies!
Dinner that night was Baby Shower themed
she set the table for that theme too
she gave us a frame and this beautiful afghan for the baby
We played Phase 10 that night before going to bed

Our last meal with them was breakfast on Wednesday morning.  That was a birthday theme.  I have a birthday this month and she wanted to make sure and celebrate it with me.  She always made my birthday special when she was in Guatemala.
She even had me a cake
She gave me a pretty scarf as my gift
I could not believe the trouble she went to to make each meal so special.  I know it took a lot of planning.  We were sad to leave because we had such a fun time with them, but we will see them again soon when they visit Guatemala.  They are great friends!

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